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Studio Sessions

Rita MacNeil:

  • Rita
  • Home I'll Be


  • Prism
  • See Forever Eyes
  • Armageddon

The Irish Rovers:

  • Wasn't That A Party
  • No More Bread And Butter
  • It Was a Night Like This

Terry Jacks:

  • Pulse, Ghost In Your Mind (s)

Ian Lloyd and Fast Forward:

  • Fast Forward

Paul Janz:

  • High Strung

Bachman Turner Overdrive:

  • Rock and Roll Nights

Kodomo Band:

  • Kodomo Band Rock

Gary Guthman:

  • Moonchild

Mary Saxton:

  • Mary Saxton
  • Country Girl At Heart (s)

John Laughlin:

  • Morning Moon

Paul Hann:

  • A Bowl of Strawberries

Marek Norman:

  • Noel

Bryan Adams:

  • Bryan Adams

Nancy Nash:

  • Nancy Nash


  • Touche

Northern Lights:

  • Tears Are Not Enough (s)

CB Victoria:

  • Come and See My Man (s)

Will Millar and Paul Horn:

  • Journey of the Celts

Cherelle Jardine:

  • Bleeding Water

Amy Sky:

  • Burnt By The Sun

Bobby Curtola:

  • Turn The Radio Up
  • Space Wars (s)

Wayne Morris:

  • Alive

Fiona Lehn:

  • One For Me

JP Hansen:

  • Not Broken

Wayne Lavallee:

  • Green Dress

Tara Leigh Cobble:

  • Beneath This Skin

Wachiay Youth Legacy:

  • Songs and Stories

Tom Northcott:

  • The Canada Song (s)

Susie Ross:

  • Breakup


  • Cackleberries

Kirsten Nash:

  • The View From Here

Bobbi Schram:

  • Window Day