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Producer (or co-producer):

Records and CDs

1974: David Sinclair: Take My Hand- SGM Records

1977: Christine Domeij Sinclair and Llewellyne Adam: O with What Joy

1978: Vancouver Whitecaps: White Is The Colour

1978: Michael Ritchie (alias Kent Fiddy) : Heart Of America(s)

1983: Body Electric: Body Electric - Attic Records (co-producer)

1986: Body Electric: Walking Through Walls - Parallel One Records (co-producer)

1989: Holly Arntzen: The Last Spike - ART Records

1990: Holly Arntzen: Tracktown - WEA

1991: Anne Lord: Because Of You(s), Cherokee(s) - Comstock Records

1992: Mary Saxton: Country Girl At Heart(s), What Can I Do With My Heart(s) -Factor
         compilations (co-producer)

1997: David Sinclair: Acoustic Christmas - ABACA Records,

1997: Kent Fiddy: Dreams & Destiny - B.C. Music

1998: Paul Evenden (with David Sinclair): Farewell

2001: Barry Greenfield: Landmines (s)- Sudden Death Records

2002: ShutterFly: ShutterFly - Independent

2003: Wachiay Youth Legacy: Songs and Stories

2004: Max Tell: Dragon With A Flagon

2004: Christine Domeij Sinclair and Llewellyne Adam: In Thankfullness

2004: Cackleberries: Cackleberries

2005: ShutterFly: Fly Away Home

2005: Helene Leone: Helene Leone

2005: Barry Greenfield: Barry Greenfield

2010: Gary Fjellgaard: All in the Journey

2015: Barry Greenfield: This Blue

2010, 2012, 2017: Kent Fiddy: The Way it Oughta Be, Small Gratitudes, Heart of the Country


1991-92: Fly By Night - CBS-TV series - theme & score (co-producer)

1999-2000: Weird-Ohs - FOX/YTV series -theme & score


Weird-Ohs(FOX/YTV), Fly By Night (CBS T.V. series), Reboot ("Bad Bob"), Autism Awareness series (Knowledge Network), Pilot One (CBC), Terminal City (CBC), recordings by Straight Lines, Body Electric, David Sinclair, Kent Fiddy, Mary Saxton , Barry Greenfield, Helene Leone, 'Cackleberries', Shutterfly


Recordings by David Sinclair, Straight Lines, Body Electric, Holly Arntzen, Ann Lord, Gary Fjellgaard, Kent Fiddy, radio and TV commercials (20+ years) for Griffiths Gibson Ramsey Productions, Koko Productions, Sunrise Productions, Hoot Productions, Teddy Bear Productions


Instructional video: Rhythm Guitar - Time and Feel.

Book: Playing Guitar In A Stage Band (currently unavailable - to be re-released internationally by National Guitar Workshop/Alfred Publishing in 2008)

Teaching credits: former faculty member - Capilano College, N. Vancouver, B.C.; National Guitar Summer Workshop - California and Toronto campuses. Guitar Workshop Plus - Vancouver and Squamish campuses.

Advisory board member - Selkirk College Music Program, Nelson, B.C.

Featured in articles in Guitar Player magazine, July 98, Aug. 98, Nov. 99


1986 West Coast Music Awards: Best Producer (with Bob Buckley), Best Independent Group (Body Electric), Best Independent Album (Walking Through Walls)

Gold Record: Straight lines: Letting Go 1982

Juno nominee: best songwriters (Letting Go 1982)

PRO/Socan airplay awards: Letting go, Do You Think They Can Tell